Lift Your Own Weight to Escape the Cellulite

We are going to discuss some stereotypes that come with weight lifting and finish up with #BYOBT workout challenge.

This week’s be your own boss in health and fitness tip is: Lift Your Own Weight to Escape the Cellulite. There are many stereotypes when it comes to working out particularly when it is involving the use of resistance, often done through use of weighted plates or dumb bells but did you know that your own body is a weight and if exercised properly can get some of the same results as it would per use of an outside form of weight training? Think about it. How much do you weigh? Whether you are being Mary Jane at 135 or Tom Brady minus the deflated football supposedly weighing in at around 230 pounds it’s safe to say that you are in fact carrying weight each and every day. So then does lifting weight actually make you bulky? No. That’s a stereotype. Your choice of food along with what you decide to do in connection with its use or lack thereof makes one gain weight. Now that we’ve got that clear let’s share a little bit about what happens to our rear end when we choose not to flex it that’s right, cellulite. Another stereotype is that men cannot get these fatty deposits. Wrong! Although it is less common for them, men can get those cute big dimples too. That fat which the skin cannot seem to hold back at the proper time, namely when on the beach, on a cruise, at the pool or anywhere you choose to wear a swimming suit or underwear, it’s there with you and your beau showing up like, peek a boo when you least expect it. Here is a list of my 5 body weight exercises you can do to decrease the appearance of cellulite on those thighs: Squats, lunges, burpees, leg lifts and mountain climbers. Avoid becoming the next stereotype of cellulite and maybe you won’t find yourself asking Elle Varner where your man is, just maybe but don’t quote me on that because she is pretty fly.

This week’s #BYOBT workout challenge is do one of my favorite five to decrease the cellulite exercises each week if you can recall those are: 1. Squats 2. Lunges 3. Burpees 4. Leg lifts 5. Mountain Climbers that is one of these per day at 4 sets of 30 repetitions with 1 minute rest between each set. For a visual on how to do some of these like my Facebook page: BYOBTraining and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram at BYOBTraining , then check out my website for more info on how you can take charge of life! Be Your Own Boss in health and fitness!


Be Your Own Boss in health and fitness! BYOB Training's mission is to advance people with empowerment to take charge of your life; while also, encouraging WIMN-Women In MotioN fighting obesity via home based training to help breakthrough postpartum depression with tips on improving diet and exercise habits of the entire family. Disclaimer : consult your doctor and your registered dietician before taking advice on any featured information. BYOB Training, Inc nor its affiliates assume liability for any person's/people's injury or limitation(s). Exercise at your own risk.

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