Let Your Plate Attract the Right Type of Attention

Hi this is Edisha with http://www.byobtraining.com! We are going to discuss how to make your plate work for you then finish up with #BYOBT workout challenge. This week’s Be Your Own Boss in Health and Fitness tip is: ‘Let Your Plate Attract the Right Type of Attention’! All my single ladies and gents have you ever taken the time to think when on a date or when eating alone but in search of a mate, what does my plate say about me? Same to couples trust and believe me; your significant other does not want to sit and witness you climb up from a fine dime to a twenty-five cent piece extra crispy. Am I eating the things I’d want my ideal partner to see me eating or share with me? Is this food the type that will show up when I least expect it on me? You may not be thinking it but while you are sitting at your usual spot in Panera Bread each Monday hoping that hot guy or cute girl notices you, guess just how that person might be judging you? Unfortunately many are going to meet his or her significant other when least expected. What do people do most besides sleep? You guessed it! Eating is essential to survival and has become very social. So, you know what they say; don’t let a good thing pass you by. Think about it, what do you look for in a mate? Someone you can spend the rest of your life with. You want them to be eating something that can potentially give them a heart attack at your first sight or would you rather catch your soul mate eating something that you would entrust them to feed your future children? Let’s be honest! I’m not saying you have to eat lettuce only, just be sensible even colorful like carrot sticks, cantaloupe put some protein like eggs or turkey bacon with that muffin is all add a bottle of water and you’re good to go!

This week’s #BYOBT workout challenge is: work your inner and outer thighs! Do sagittal or side lunges 4 sets of 15 repetitions each leg that’s 15 left leg 15 right leg then rest 1 minute and repeat 3 times. You can see me doing sagittal lunges when you like my Facebook page: BYOBTraining. Follow my Instagram: @BYOBTraining. Checkout out my website: www.byobtraining.com for more info on how you can Take Charge of Life! Be Your Own Boss in Health and Fitness!


Be Your Own Boss in health and fitness! BYOB Training's mission is to advance people with empowerment to take charge of your life; while also, encouraging WIMN-Women In MotioN fighting obesity via home based training to help breakthrough postpartum depression with tips on improving diet and exercise habits of the entire family. Disclaimer : consult your doctor and your registered dietician before taking advice on any featured information. BYOB Training, Inc nor its affiliates assume liability for any person's/people's injury or limitation(s). Exercise at your own risk.

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