Exercise! Because It Is YOUR Life!

#BYOBT - Be Your Own Boss in Health and Fitness Training!

#BYOBT – Be Your Own Boss in Health and Fitness Training!http://www.byobtraining.com

We are going to discuss how to make workouts work for you, what you can do to avoid the plateau and why it is important to keep going, finishing up with #BYOBT workout challenge. This week’s Be Your Own Boss in Health and Fitness Tip is: Exercise! Because it is YOUR life! I will admit many people choose not to exercise for a number of reasons. One of those which I’ve heard and even found myself starting to give into at one point was: My significant other likes the extra weight. Now let’s get this straight, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to make your partner happy, especially if you are married. That being said, what happens when happy turns into unhealthy? Trying to hold onto that little bit of extra weight to make hubby or wifey comfortable, turns into a lot of bit of extra weight making you uncomfortable this not only makes them start to look at you as a slob but you now feel the same and you just don’t know how to change? You find yourself in a rage taking it out on others unknowingly. I see many women that because they are not in physical health look down upon those that are trying to belittle them because they feel little themselves. Soo not cool! Here is how you can avoid the self-esteem plunge by making your workouts work for you: first, find the time to exercise. There is not a woman I know that doesn’t find time to get their hair, nails, toes done, go shopping for hours at a time and go out to social gatherings, not one. I’m no sexist so let me say this, there’s not a man I know that does not find time to do what he wants to do! Next, start small for instance home based exercises such as push ups, squats, lunges, go for 30min to an hour walks each day in the park, on the trails or in the gym. To avoid a plateau from your results switch it up! After 4 to 6 weeks add resistance such as dumb bells to your exercises and if able, during the walk two minutes jog a minute, repeat for the 30-45 minutes or ride a bike. To make things even more interesting, take your significant other with you! More importantly, keep going to continue to see results!

This week’s #BYOBT workout challenge:

Find a new exercise to do! That’s right, what’s your favorite exercise? Don’t Do It This Week! Substitute it for an exercise that works the same muscle groups and that may end up being more than one exercise but you might find something new which can also help you get even better results!

Do 4 sets of 15 repetitions in each set.

To see my favorite home based exercises check out my Facebook page: BYOBTraining or see my website at www.byobtraining.com. Take charge of life! Be Your Own Boss in Health and Fitness!


Be Your Own Boss in health and fitness! BYOB Training's mission is to advance people with empowerment to take charge of your life; while also, encouraging WIMN-Women In MotioN fighting obesity via home based training to help breakthrough postpartum depression with tips on improving diet and exercise habits of the entire family. Disclaimer : consult your doctor and your registered dietician before taking advice on any featured information. BYOB Training, Inc nor its affiliates assume liability for any person's/people's injury or limitation(s). Exercise at your own risk.

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