Who Told You, You Had To Eat Salads All Day

Who Told You, You Had To Eat Salads All Day

Just because you may have seen in an article of ‘Men’s Health’ magazine or read on the internet that Usher might have said he eats a salad, does that mean that it is what he eats all day every day? Really? Umm, I think NOT! Did you read the full article? How about do you know that Usher Raymond works out with a personal trainer at times; I know because he challenged me professionally, Edisha Brown, “I’ll workout with you if you can last through a workout with us.” WHY?  I told him, “I  just did a 76 mile bike ride!” at the Historic Savannah Century Ride I chose the 69mi by default (supposed to do 39mi with them) because in all my competitiveness, I left my team and had to turn around for a minute but those turn around miles count which means it ended up being 76! 00060068 That’s right, Usher better ask somebody. It didn’t even matter that before this race I hadn’t gone past about 20mi on a bike before. Why concern yourself with what you think about but you have only an idea. Do you live with this person featured in the success story from that Facebook post to know what goes in her mouth each day; or, did you see 1 thing, one to 2 items that person likes or chooses to eat and assume that is all? Stop beating yourself up by weighing yourself down with “what other people do.” I know you have tried it … salads all day, apples all day, cotton balls? What the hay? Did it work? You KNOW that it just did not work for you! Everything does not work for, say it with me now, E v e r y B O D Y … Nothing wrong with wanting abs like “Usher’s” but do you know how much information is in a single strand of DNA? My last article, mentions tips of food control preparing for festivities; in response to it, a woman says to me, “I can’t eat salads all day.” WHOOO told you that???! Listen, while working with several clients, on weight loss and even muscle hypertrophy I have come by a significant finding. When sick, your body’s initial response is to fight off the infection. If the body is comfortable at it’s weight then initially it’ll be resistant to change, right? The key : It Starts With Moderation. When full, do not go back for more just because you know that family favorite Uncle who “never gains weight,” is about to eat enough for 5 plates! Break out the aluminum foil, plastic wrap and styrofoam to go! Any food that is not used for energy, nourishment or replenishing is … you guessed it, STORED AS FAT period.  PicsArt_1384960541324Get your ‘SHAPE’ cutting out intoxication like Mary J., no pun intended hehe (She mentions a lot of helpful tips in that magazine).This winter break, do us all a favor and back off the dressing enough to give your body time to digest and a chance to possibly work that meal off before you go grabbing that next helping. When the New Year comes right around the corner and you’re speaking with a personal trainer, you might not be tempted to say, “my bones are just getting big” age 28 saying, “I’m going through adolescence” commom misconception, “my mom said we all get like this at my age” and finally what I just heard on #BethennyTV “I’m a butterball … it’s more stuffing for the loving” Ahhhhhh! Tips : Moderation, exercise and water try it, then maybe you can bring sexy back like Adam Levine or just Be Healthy Beautiful YOU – inside and out. That which is only skin deep is not everlasting. I tell ya if these excuses were held up in court, in regards to crimes, there would be no room for prisons.

Be Your Own Boss in health and fitness! BYOB Training's mission is to advance people with empowerment to take charge of your life; while also, encouraging WIMN-Women In MotioN fighting obesity via home based training to help breakthrough postpartum depression with tips on improving diet and exercise habits of the entire family. Disclaimer : consult your doctor and your registered dietician before taking advice on any featured information. BYOB Training, Inc nor its affiliates assume liability for any person's/people's injury or limitation(s). Exercise at your own risk.

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4 comments on “Who Told You, You Had To Eat Salads All Day
  1. DJ says:

    But what if I want to eat salads all day? They are so delicious!

    • Nothing wrong with eating salads DJ much nutritional value, add protein and you’re good to go. I’m just dispelling the common misconception that one MUST eat salads all day in order to achieve weight loss. Thanks for the reply 🙂

  2. Jayon says:

    I thought that if I work out and eat like them, I too could have a body like them. I gave up. What can i do now? Do u have a work out video?

    • Thank you for your reply Jayon! 🙂 I applaud your working out coupled with work to improve your eating, just remember that a food regime that works for your favorite artist may or may not work for you. I suggest working with a registered dietician and/or try different foods to see how YOUR body responds to them (beware of food allergies). I do not yet have a full workout video, in the meantime check out the video on the ‘About’ page for a couple of exercises that I like to do.

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