What About Your Friends

PicsArt_1382395346012With the new movie about the legendary, #1 selling female group to date TLC airing soon, one can’t help but wonder what makes these women so special? I grew up listening to the group and watching all of its drama. These women are real but rarely seen today. I don’t mean that literally because the two surviving women of TLC now 20 years later are out and about looking, as quoted by Dr. Oz, “the same if not better than they looked back then.” How is this possible with the two women having children, having been wives, having lost their best friend and former group member in a horrible accident, how is this possible? Well, as the group is now and was portrayed then they are the force to reckon with. As will be seen in their documentary airing on VH1 tonight, TLC-CrazySexyCool T-Boz, Left Eye and Chili defied gravity by standing up for what they believe in, taking on life and its many obstacles with class. No. I’m not saying they are the perfect image but, the vintage one, having different attitudes but love the same. The press was able to capture break ups, fires, apparent demons within the group and much more right before our eyes. As noted from my previous article : Why Miley’s Wrecking Ball Should Inspire Us All, in observation, the music industry seems to push toward the “sexy”. In the words of RnB artist and American Idol winner Ruben Studdard, ‘What Is sexy’? In this song Ruben goes on to say that “love is in the eye of the beholder.” I say this to call account to TLC’s antics which were quite the opposite of Miley Cyrus and many other prevalent female artists today; however, they are still as a group number 1 even with the passing of a whole group member! Why? They didn’t conform to what they thought we wanted, nor what they thought the industry wants, nor what was selling at the time because there were other chart topping female groups out with them : Destiny’s Child, SWV,  EnVogue, Total,  and Xscape to name a few. As one can see their success was not termed that because there was just no one else out there; unlike what can be seen of the female rap game today, there was indeed some serious competition. What was it that set TLC apart? Their attire varied from baggy showing not even a hint of a curved shape to tastefully revealing and somewhat form-fitting.

PicsArt_1382402223417Their attitudes varied, hence the logo, Crazy, Sexy, Cool describing the known attitude of each individual. Their personal lives varied from marriage to dating to kids at different times. What remains the same? Their vision was clear and concisely stated via their music and demeanor, that of true inspiration: from feelings of insecurity that everyone experiences at some point esp in adolescence such as ‘Unpretty’ a title of one of the group’s songs written to motivate people to look inside themselves and figure out who they are as individuals to make up their prettiness, to thoughts of respect from a guy as he is approaching a classy lady in the hit song titled, ‘No Scrubs’ and finally to warnings of chasing after money in a way that could land someone’s arrest, or death because of not thinking things through a situation not meant for their purpose depicted in their video to the song ‘Waterfalls’. Their music aimed at making the audience feel comfortable in its own skin because they were relatable. How does this deal with fitness? Well, just as rushing too fast for material gain could land one in trouble, this does the same in workouts. I know all too well many people who are so motivated to get into shape, that they go the gym full throttle doing all the things they’ve seen on television, or things they have done 20 years ago when they were high-school athletes and have not done since, or that they’ve watched other people do during a person’s personal training session only to result in injury and demotivation. If you are not trained properly on form and technique to do an exercise or you really want to see positive results from working out, have a vision of what you want to look like, as did TLC, you don’t have to look like Maria Kang to be appealing. Go against the grain and keep the thoughts you would like to convey to yourself and to your family in tact, more importantly get the okay from your doctor first then seek professional help because everything is not for every body as found in my article ‘Get Over Your Hump’. That is how you can remain confident in yourself, wear what you want to wear being healthy and who you want to be without deciding to conform to others’ ideas of what you should look like nor who you should be. Get your ideal body and keep it for 20+ years strong with constant effort on your part linking to your vision as did the CrazySexyCool female empowering group-TLC.PicsArt_1382394821315

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