Moms Tips on Keeping the Jelly Away

As mentioned in my ‘Are Your Kids Really That Important‘ read, most parents nibble on their kid(s) foods. The first thing that comes to mind about a packed lunch is peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Let’s break it down. What kind of bread do you use? There is white bread, wheat bread, whole grained bread, almond bread, and coconut bread. Consider which bread is the healthiest for the household. How would you know? A tip is to think about which is gluten free. According to the Wikipedia, “About 1 in 133 people in developed nations have allergic reaction to gluten, some of which can be severe enough to be life threatening.” Are all allergic reactions that noticeable and does our body adjust to them? Take a personal training client for example, after looking over her eating habits, there is a find, she loves potatoes (potato starch is prevalent in breads which contain gluten). Once the potatoes are cut from the diet, she researches and finds it might be a good idea to go gluten free. Client result, loses about 5 pounds almost instantly. She reports being more energetic than ever! Even her doctor, when she learns of the change, commends her for the find and notes it is life saving. Well client just has to be sure, right? So, after about 3 weeks of gluten free plan, she figures, “I’m just going to have some wine (gluten) and a few small breakfast burritos (gluten). Her body’s alarm goes off! Prior to going gluten free her body just seemed to adjust, maybe a headache here and there but no big deal, but this night she can’t even hold it in! Gluten free again, in just a couple of weeks, minus another 10 pounds.


The peanut butter, well now there is also almond butter, and nutella; which is ideal for the household? Again, look at the contents, all natural? Are your kids allergic to nuts? Thoughts to consider. Could your child be the one with the allergy that goes unnoticed for years; therefore, affecting his/her weight in effect possibly linking to childhood obesity? Jelly is usually made of natural fruit preservatives but monitor it too, any added sugar? Back to the mommies, when nibbling, is it at all possible not to bite the whole sandwich taking in the additional carbohydrates. Consuming carbohydrates when under a lot of stress can be stored in the belly as fat as a body’s natural defense to survive the situation. In consulting with hundreds of  moms, I find most are under stress when preparing meals because they are also trying to control the household activities, get bags packed, make sure husband’s remembering his needs, cleaning, and or preparing for work herself; in effect, causing the cravings in the body’s defense. Tip : instead of taking a bite of the sandwich, making your own etc. nix the jelly and eat about 1-2 tablespoons of your choice of the main spread (see butters mentioned above) you may find it just as rewarding.

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