Another One Bites the Dust

Another One Bites the Dust

In the words of self acclaimed genius, Kanye West –

“You’re going to love me or you’re going to hate me but I’m a be me.”

Can his statement be said in reference to : age, weight, color and/or gender. Of these things, which can be self controllable? How do they tie into each other? When mending the identities together do any turn into excuses? Many say they are not comfortable in their own skin for the same reasons, all of them. Well hopefully for most the answer, to what is a controllable factor, is weight. An emotion can determine whether or not a scheduled workout is done on any particular day; but, will that same emotion stop the commute to perform at a 9-5? Emotions often evoke response. That’s when logic should kick in. For example, client few years back, around 6ft Caucasian male, beer belly, prestigious company, golfer and husband expresses concern of health and in the same sentence mentions that he probably wouldn’t be able to get a desired look because of his age. Long story short, at the young age of 53, client went from beer belly to six pack in about 4 months going on to share his vacation that December with his wife in the Bahamas, straight flexing! Hear this,

sometimes it’s just about the mind set.

Make it up and do it. When a personal trainer hears a “reason why you can’t” their job is to help with overcoming that reason. When a person decides not to try because of how they feel well typically the trainer thinks, “Another one bites the dust.”

Show Your-Self some love and affection. Don’t be A victim. Be the survivor.

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