Get Over Your Hump

Get Over Your Hump

Personal trainers need love too. I often find myself mentioning this to many clients and people alike, myself included. Contrary to common belief, trainers are not robots, we are not born that way, we feel pain and we are imperfect. That being said, 6 years into personal training I started to focus so much on helping everyone else reach their goals that I was missing one thing, I forgot about me! I gained weight without noticing until it just dawned on me one day. In the mirror, “Who is that?” Woo! Couldn’t believe myself whom I was looking at. I started taking weight training as an elective at age 15, a scholarship track and field athlete, Strength and Conditioning Coach/Intern and published writer of our University newspaper’s Sports Section of ‘The Chanticleer’ at JSU in Alabama, with a BS Exercise Science and Wellness; and to add insult to injury, a successful fitness/weight loss manager recognized #1 nationally (slash!)/Nutritional Lead/#1 personal trainer in Georgia and top 01% in the nation for this billion dollar health company! Ugh! How was I to continue telling someone to do something I was no longer making time to do for myself? Was this also part of the reason my 3-year relationship had just ended?! Needless to say 3 months later, by taking my own advice and that of another trainer for added motivation (we all need), I was down 20 pounds of body fat. I took charge of my life, ‘BYOB Training – Be Your Own Boss in health & fitness’, I could now serve as even more of an example to clientele. Did I do it kicking and screaming? Yes. Were there days I felt like I just did not want to get out of the bed? Yes. Am I happy that I kept going? Yes! I had to get over your hump with a swift kick of my own. Why? To find myself. Because personal trainers need love too. online personal trainer


Be Your Own Boss in health and fitness! BYOB Training's mission is to advance people with empowerment to take charge of your life; while also, encouraging WIMN-Women In MotioN fighting obesity via home based training to help breakthrough postpartum depression with tips on improving diet and exercise habits of the entire family. Disclaimer : consult your doctor and your registered dietician before taking advice on any featured information. BYOB Training, Inc nor its affiliates assume liability for any person's/people's injury or limitation(s). Exercise at your own risk.

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7 comments on “Get Over Your Hump
  1. Terri says:

    Wow!! U Look Fabulous!! Ur Such a Wonderful Person… Thanks for Sharing!!

  2. brandon says:

    sometimes you gotta listen to others to get yourself right…as i can tell,the advice was well taken…keep up the good work…

  3. DJ says:

    You look amazing! You’re pic’s keep me motivated. Keep posting!

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