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Anybody can get knocked off their game with life’s stresses; but, it is how you get up that shows your true character. Check out my before/after photos in above video even while I am a personal trainer. Doing what I love by giving clients the results they deserved, I for a second lost sight of me. I had to take charge of my life, BYOB Training is a convenient way to learn to Be Your Own Boss of your fitness journey with an online personal trainer.  Click in Recent Posts box beside video, at the above right for recent blog posts with tips on taking charge of your life in health and wellness. Find insight into my story in BYOB Training blog post titled, Get Over Your Hump (If operating mobile device then Recent Posts box located below … SCROLL). Disclaimer : consult with your physician and registered dietician before making a change to your exercise and/or eating regime BYOB Training, Inc. nor its affiliates assume liability for injury and/or limitation; tips and videos are seen at your own discretion.

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  1. Love the Site Edisha Brown. Very Nice!

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